After the storm

Slowly getting back to work after the loss of my husband in June to Lung Cancer. I  have had to change my whole life, move across the country to North Carolina and am reinventing myself as an artist. I am taking life day by day and its still seems surreal.


I need your support

I only need two more supporters to be able to participate in the exhibit in New York City this fall. Please support my art by clicking on the link below!

Capturing the moment

Carefree Fine Art Festival

My weekend at the Carefree Fine Art fesitval was a whirlwind of collectors caught up in a frenzy to buy the unique pieces that I had created for the last show of the season. I arrived home exhausted but elated. Now the dillema is how to keep that feeling. How can I capture the elation and excitement when I am mired deep in clay, working till the wee hours. How can I capture the energy that the buyers created, spinning it into new art? I decided to mentally place it in a tiny jar that I had purchased many years ago from another artist in Denver. I placed all the happiness and glee, confidence and the sparkling glow into this little jar where I can retrieve it during the blue times. So that when the studio is dark and I am all alone, I can open it up and unleash the bright light within.