Fueling the creative spirit

As I string glass beads for the horse pendants, I find my mind wandering, contemplating what is driving my latest creations. The “new” economy of course. I have had to revisit my past artistic endeavors and try to come up with artwork that would appeal to collectors and also incorporate all my talents. The little horse pendants morphed from a pin or brooch to a necklace then into a shadow box. I was able to create a piece of wearable art that could also be placed inside its antiqued shadow box and hang on the wall or be displayed on a table top. My collectors have grabbed them up, delighted to have a one of a kind piece that has just as much detail as my larger sculptures. I enjoy making these little pieces and I have to pay close attention to colors and themes. But its an adventure in another medium and I love it. Sculpting the horses is fun but decorating them is a challenge. Being flexible with my art has been the key to my success and survival in an art market that has driven many artist back to “real” jobs. This has always been my job and always will be. I am destined to be making something till the day I die. I am driven by something inside, to create, keeping my hands busy, I can’t stop!image


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