In the studio right now

Spending most of my days and evenings in full production. I have so many different  tasks I need to accomplish before March. My website needs work, Facebook and my blog need attention and I am overwhelmed! Somehow I seem to be able to put it all together and have enough work for a show but I have two in March. One in Carefree, Arizona and another on towards the end of the month in Las Cruces.  While I’m sculpting, I listen to Bruce Baker’s CD on selling art, trying to refresh my skills. I ordered new packaging materials and had hang tags made with all my information ( not like the old hang tags). Diverse, diverse…I have also gotten email from four people for my summer workshops. Yeah! I really love to teach. It makes me take a look at my art in depth, the whys and hows.

I am sending off a horse pendant as a donation to the Liberty Equine foundation in New Jersey. They are a horse rescue farm and are trying to raise money. I even donated 10% of all my horse art sales in February to them. Oh yes, my ETSY store. I have been trying very hard to keep updating that also. I have lots of activity on the site but no sales? What am I doing wrong??? The kiln is almost finished and I will be able to reload it tomorrow with horses and masks. Opening the kiln is like Christmas. I am always surprised!


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