Horse of a Different Color

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Put the finishing touches on this beautiful turquoise horse. He carries a deep purple amethyst on his back and is adorned with silver and purple accents. Ring neck pheasant feathers and delicate fringe are his decorative saddle. One of a Kind and  SOLD.


2 thoughts on “Horse of a Different Color

  1. Hello Misha………I know you are busy getting your orders out. When you a minute I’d like to know if you have any more tutorials on DVD since the Sculpting Faces one. I love your works and tried to make some sculpted faces a while ago but had to leave it for a while. I’d like to learn more i.e., how to assemble the clothing, etc. If you have a second video out, I’d love to know…….I’ll put it on my Christmas list for Santa.
    Thank you and enjoy your holidays with the spirit that you give others.
    Judie Burge, Walnut Creek, CA

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