back in the studio…

Today is the day to reorganize my space so I can start back to creating. Its hard to sort out where to start but I am trying to focus on the Animal totems and gestures. I’ve ordered books on body language and gestures. Also ordered “body in Motion” for humans and animals. I’d like my work to be more animated. This idea was hatched when I made the Raven sitting on the wall, chatting. His hands were so expressive, it made me think of how we talk with our hands. I think I might start a series of Ravens sitting and chatting as they do, on a fence post or tree limb. But with human hands and feet. The prototype had crow feet but I didn’t like them, so I changed to scrawny legs with funny loooking feet. Still not sure. I had him out on the wall drying and the neighborhood cats were fascinated with him. They took turns observing the Raven, almost as if they were listening to him talk.


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