The Gathering

The GatheringCeramic horse sculpture decorated with turquoise nugget, glass beads, stones, sea shells, bones, cactus wood


3 thoughts on “The Gathering

  1. Misha
    Tried to send email to your email address
    Misha @zianet but would not go thru.
    Missed seeing you at Carefree show and
    Was hopeful it was a business decision
    and not some health prob.
    I was more concerned when email would not
    Connect. Hope this gets to you.

    James F. King MD

  2. Misha – Saw your art for the first time at the Rio Grande Art Festival, Alb. NM this month. You might remember I brought my husband over to admire the horse The Gathering (I think) and the clown that had already been sold. You assured me both could be ‘re-created’ (no two are the same) . . . . . . Where will you be showing in the next couple of months? If I can’t get to a show, how would I contact you/purchase on line . . . ? I love your art!

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