6 thoughts on “mishas-art-ancient-horse2.jpg

  1. I’ve always been an appreciator of relief sculpture – stuff that the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians did on their public buildings. If you stay with the relief component you could make various horse sculptures in poses that “move” out from the cave wall giving you the option of blending relief and free standing. (I hope this makes sense.) I also hope that you could possibly share with me some specifics on how you achieved the colors in the cave wall. I don’t know much about glaze and the colors of the cave wall are exactly a look I would like to have for my ceramic sculpture.

    • I will be making some soon so I will post pictures and details on how I achieve the surface. I use “dirty water” to get the relief started but can’t really remember the other colors. I would think I used yellow ochre, red oxide, black, burnt umber,raw sienna and perhpas a sand color for the stone base. I gessoed the surface first so my paints would stay put. Can’t wait to see your results.

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