New horse with turquoise

working late as always


2 thoughts on “New horse with turquoise

  1. *I am sorry you were hurt by someone who just wants to copy. I think there are a lot of people who can copy some one’s art. What makes an* *artist is the creative ability. I know that when I start a project I am not sure quite how it will turn* *out. A change here or there. If the project came from your mind, heart and soul, no one can really copy you. I think you have already established your own style and you should feel sorry for an idiot that may just try and copy your work. * *I still intend to get my hands on your art.* * With respect!!!* * Most Sincerely,* * Margaret Martin*

    • Thank you for your kind words. The comment from a fellow artist is one that I have heard several times. My heart goes out to other artists who have a bad show and watch in dismay as I have a good one. They can’t seem to understand that people like the way I create and decorate my pieces and seem to discount that I am also an artist. My work is not just feathers and furs. Its much more that that. Their jealous comments are hurtful. I will often give some helpful advice on marketing or colors. “Did you send a postcard or email to your collectors telling them you are here?” Or “the new color this year is eggplant, maybe changing it up a little?” Subtle hints to help them succeed at a show. So they are not really thinking of copying my work, they are just frustrated that it sells and the only value they can see is the feathers and stuff, not my artistic talent. Artists need to recognize that in order to sell, you need to promote yourself, change your color scheme, go with the trends and be a business person. Art is a full time business!

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