Am I really an artist?

I have had several artists at shows comment that they were going to “add feathers and fur” to their artwork so that they could be as successful as I am at selling art. My feelings have been hurt by these comments. I thought about their hurtful words and ruminated over the idea that the feathers and furs are what attracts people to my work. I have made many pieces that have been without feathers but many more that are adorned. I guess its my trademark. So I tried very hard not to adorn this piece with turquoise or feathers or anything else and guess what? It sold. So I proved to myself that people love my art as I create it. This little piece has boosted my confidence and helped me to continue to create new pieces as I am inspired to make them. Finally, No feathers! No Fur!


5 thoughts on “Am I really an artist?

  1. I love your art feathers, fur, and all. It’s not the feathers that adorn your art that attract people to your art – it’s the love that is put into each piece and it shows.

  2. Misha, I loved your art from the very first time saw it at Arlington, Tx. You had a indian, all in black on a black horse that reminded me of Frazetta’s fantasy work. When I got back to your booth it was gone. There was a artist who was famous for her warrior masks, but she could never change the face. The most reknown of all (right down Sudderth) from your old shoppe could never get different faces on his bronzes. Point being, your art transforms ethnicity, expression, and can capture all the different faces of those moments. Your work is the best I’ve ever seen. You ARE the artist.

    • Thank you Jim. Your kind words of encouragement mean so much to me. I am struggling with the decision now whether or not to continue as an artist. Since Tony passed away, my creativity is at a standstill. I’ m so glad you remember me from that Dallas show!

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