African boy with bowl of turquoise

African boy with bowl of turquoise


Little boy with a bowl of turquoise nuggets

Working on a collection of little boys. This is the largest of the group. Some are holding turquoise nuggets, others have little black birds perched on their fingertips.

Am I really an artist?

I have had several artists at shows comment that they were going to “add feathers and fur” to their artwork so that they could be as successful as I am at selling art. My feelings have been hurt by these comments. I thought about their hurtful words and ruminated over the idea that the feathers and furs are what attracts people to my work. I have made many pieces that have been without feathers but many more that are adorned. I guess its my trademark. So I tried very hard not to adorn this piece with turquoise or feathers or anything else and guess what? It sold. So I proved to myself that people love my art as I create it. This little piece has boosted my confidence and helped me to continue to create new pieces as I am inspired to make them. Finally, No feathers! No Fur!

New horse with turquoise

working late as always

Morphing into a Raven

I couldn’t leave the nude alone so I began adding feathers and wings and then the face of a Raven. A bird becoming a woman or a woman becoming a bird. A theme I have done in the past and decided to revisit it again. Finishing up the little details of the piece tonight. Looking forward to a new year. Perhaps I should title this piece “Renewal”?

Nude with birds sculpture

Still working this evening finishing some sculptures while the kiln is heating up. The hardest part is deciding what finish to apply to a clay piece after the firing. Since I’m scared to death of messing up with a glaze, I usually apply layers of colors and a cold patina. Someday I will have the confidence to try glazes again but after the last disaster, I’d rather be safe.
This sculpture was supposed to be a stark white but I changed my mind and started adding blues and browns and terra cotta colors. the birds were black and now they are dark blue.. So how about some critique? I’d love to hear from everyone out there. Any suggestions or comments?
Its a fantasy piece and the purpose of the sculpture was as a challenge to create a woman’s figure in clay.

Talking Bears

I finished two Bears in the warm colors of a sunset. Rich reds, golds and orange hues. Their faces are so expressive! When I put them together to photograph them, they seemed to be in the midst of an important discussion. Perhaps they are talking about the New Year?