Work in progress

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A dream within a dream…. Am I a woman dreaming I am a Raven or a Raven dreaming I am woman? This is the first sculpture in a series of Dream Spirits of Animal Totems. This piece came to me in a dream. I saw the mysterious Raven sitting on a limb. Then I dreamt of the face of the Raven on a woman’s body. This is unexplored territory. Not a whimsical creation, instead realism. Stepping outside my comfort zone and working on a human form/fantasy in ceramic clay.How can I keep it standing? Anatomically correct, proportionate body, something I usually avoid but I’m feeling very creative right now. Challenging to keep it from cracking, hollowing out the interior so it can dry. Deciding on how to attach it eventually to the base. then getting it ready to fire standing in the kiln. Will it collapse at the dreaded melt/fuse stage or will it just explode into a million pieces? I envision the figure in white, as if dusted in color, the base is clay and I think I will glaze it shiney black. I worked until midnight last night and again today. I am obessed with completing this piece. I am anxious to start the next nude. What animal should I dream about tonight?


6 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Hi Misha …. While in your home and studio Saturday on the art loop tour I noticed this work “Dream Spirits” Would like to inquire how much is ?

    Thanks, Gary Miller

  2. We went through New Mexico at the end of June, on the way back from Alaska. My gift from Yvonne for my 70th birthday and graduation (I completed a second master’s degree in January).

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