Sculpting a Bear in clay

Sculpting a bear

Sculpting a bear

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The suns rays are weak and waning as the winter days grow shorter. Our winter here in the mountains of southern New Mexico has been unusually mild so far with daytime temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. Even the animal are confused by the warmth. We found bear droppings and uprooted tree stumps where the bear have been gathering pinon nuts. They should be hibernating. Discovering these late signs of bear gave me the inpiration for this piece that I am going to chronicle as I sculpt from start to finish. This is day one of the creation of the BEAR. I roughed out the clay in two sections. Large, lumpy body and a flat head with tiny eyes. Adding arms and legs, then the hands and feet, I turned his toes upwards in a playful manner. His head appeared to be too tall and not looking at the viewer so I cut the clay and reattached his head, tilting it a little to give him some emotion and movement. He is a small bear, about 12″ now in the rough clay. He seems to be basking in the sun almost as if he is daydreaming and loving the warmth on his face and fur. I want to try not to overwork this piece and stobear 8p sculpting at the right time, so I will try to complete this in three days or less.


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